Neighborhood Crusin’

These videos are short clips of different Neighborhoods on Oahu, just to give you an idea of the lifestyle and different “Flavors” of the Island.

Nothing fancy, I’m not a videographer. Just a gal with a camera sharing my home with you. You will see the reflection of my windshield. You will see my windshield wipers splashing in the rain. I had an email from a reader saying “It’s like sitting in the car and driving around with a friend!”

I got another email saying I mispronounced some of the Hawaiian words. Well, I’ve been here since 1990 and still mispronounce some of the Hawaiian words. As Joey from the Soprano’s says:”Get ovah’ it already!”

Since the Crusin’ Vids are getting more and more Crusalicous and Plentiful, I’m starting a separate page for each of the different areas on Oahu. This main page will be a home for the lonely orphans who I can’t figure out where to have them live. 😉

Hope you enjoy the Crusin’!

Update : 4/26/09 OK, Google Video just shut down it’s vid hosting service, so we are now using YouTube…totally messes with all my caption pagenation! *GRRRR* Oh well, gotta roll with the Google. Problem with YouTube is they limit length to 10 minutes. So bear with me and just relax and cruise!

Nimitz to Downtown and Ward Center

Pali Highway from Downtown to the Windward side

Upper Nuuanu off the Pali Highway

H1 to Punchbowl to Blaisdell Center.

Salt Lake to the Stadium area.

Waimalu and Pearl City

Moanalua Freeway is an Alternative to H1

Waialae Ave. thru Kaimuki to St. Louis

St.Louis Heights to Manoa

Manoa HawaiiRealEstateBiz Cruisin’

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