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What is the point of this Blog?

I’ve been told that this blog is a mess. “You can’t mix Restaurants and Shopping and Stuff! This is a Real Estate Blog! It should be about Real Estate!”

Well, Miss Critical Crankypants, my answer to you is that moving to a new home isn’t just about buying a building. It’s about what goes on in the area, what to do for fun, what does the neighborhood look like… It’s about buying a lifestyle. You can look at a Multiple Listing Service of a house anywhere on the Intrawebs and see pictures of it and see how much moolah it is offered for sale at. What I want to do is give people coming to my place here an overview of what is going on around that house, around the Island. So there!

What about Biz?

Well…this page is turning into a work in progress probably because I AM a work in progress :-)

I love Real Estate, I am truly blessed to have a career that I wake up every day excited and looking forward to whatever comes my way. Some people never experience that their entire lives.

I had other “Careers” in my life that I just did not get as jazzed up about. But they all gave me something to bring to the table in Real Estate; skill sets that all come to play in RE. OK, let’s count them: Landscape Architecture. Stockbroker. Pro Skiier.

Landscape Architecture makes sense. Stockbroker, check. But SKIING?

Yep. Skiing on an International level of competition taught me focus, independence and drive to succeed. To not dwell on the times I lost a race, but to count those as part of the learning curve to excellence. To keep striving for excellence and keep focused on my goals and my plan to accomplish them. Competing through High School and at the NCAA level for my University, I joined the Women’s Pro Tour in the 1980’s.  Got a chance to travel internationally, and finished off my career in 1984 as 9th over all in the World. To get there I had to keep picking myself up when I lost and just go on to the next one.
Sounds just like Real Estate to me!

What else can we find out about you?

I like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Google me. I’m Googlelicious.

Aloha and have a great day!

Biz Kellam

Biz Kellam

Elizabeth “Biz” Kellam (RA)

Coldwell Banker Pacific Properties
970 N. Kalaheo Ave., Suite C-215
Kailua, HI 96734


E-mail: BizK@CBPacific.com

Licensed in Hawaii since 1990, I have an extensive knowledge of the Island of Oahu’s Residential and Commercial market.

* Certified Negotiation Expert
* e-Pro Certified Internet Specialist
* Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource
* Certified Distressed Property Expert


* Residential
* Residential Investment, Single and Multi Family
* Industrial
* Office
* Retail


* Strong Background in Commercial and Investment Properties: buying, selling and leasing.

Making YOU wealthy through Real Estate!

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