Financial Tools

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines to give you an idea where to start. I’ve put together these calculators to give you some examples of different financial scenarios, based the figures you input. The calculations are intended as estimates only; and they’re not meant to be kept or used for any practical purpose, or as a substitute for professional financial advice.

For personal advice regarding your financial situation, please consult with a financial advisor. If you do not already have a good lender, I have some I can refer you to for assistance before you start the Home Ownership Process.

What Home Can I Afford?

How  Much Can I Borrow? 

What home can I afford?

What will my closing costs be for a new home purchase?

Which loan is better?

Which is better: 15 or 30 year term?

Which is better: fixed or adjustable?

How much will my adjustable rate payments be?

Am I better off renting?

Am I better off refinancing?

What will my refinancing costs be?

How much can I save in taxes?




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