Waikiki Crusin’ for Food!

Waikiki is no longer an area of Honolulu hostile to locals. We used to cringe at the thought of going there to recreate. Tourist trap catering to out of town money and wanting to keep us at bay with overpriced Hotels, Activities and Food. But the past decade has seen a revitalization that is bringing many of us back there to play.

One of the great things about the area is the abundance of cool places to dine (or as we say here: “Gots da good grindz, Brah!).

So this section of Neighborhood Crusin’ is picking up some fun places we want to share and enjoy!

Outrigger Reef Hotel’s Hula Grill

Tweetup for the Hula Grill Loco Moco Challenge Series!

Who’s got the best Loco Moco in Waikiki?

Let’s check out the Waikiki Beachwalk!

More of the Waikiki Beachwalk…

The Story of the Waikiki Beachwalk

Giovanni Pastrami’s Loco Moco Challenge!

Keoni by Keo’s Loco Moco Challege

Keoni by Keo’s Lunchtime Yumnaz!

MaKittii Hello Kitty Buffet. Srsly. Hello Kitty. Actually the food was good, Lunch Buffet was $14.99 with 20% Kamaaina Discount.

The MaKittii Hello Lobster!

The MaKittii Hello Lobster!

This little disturbing statue as you enter will surely destroy your appetite for the shrimp buffet. “Yo! Shrimp! I met your big Brudda at the door, you’re safe! I’ll just have the salad!”

For more photos of our cattastic lunch check out my photoset here!

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