Aloha Tower Marketplace Crusin’

When the Aloha Tower first opened on September 11, 1926, after five years of construction, the seven-ton clock was one of the largest in the United States as well as the biggest in the Territory of Hawaii. At 10 stories and 184 feet tall topped with a 40 foot flag pole, for four decades the Aloha Tower was the tallest structure in Hawaii. Serving as a docking area for the Matson Oceanliners of the era, visitors arrived to the Hawaiian Islands in droves to experience the exotic locale as well as hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to Honolulu to labor on the plantations.

The Marketplace was developed and the Tower was extensively renovated in 1994 and now serves as a main attraction for tourists and locals alike in downtown Honolulu.

Let’s Cruise!

Welcome to the Aloha Tower Marketplace!

The Aloha Tower

Chai’s Island Bistro

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