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Things I never liked to eat. Ever.

Chow, bella!

I’m going to confess there are some foods, and food venues, that I have steered away from with a vengeance. Past experiences left me swearing I would NEVER, EVER, chow down these regrettable decisions again. What are these epicurean experiences that I shunned, you ask?

Pizza. And Food Trucks.

*GASP* How could I not like pizza? That is practically un-American! Well, the town I grew up in, Schenectady, NY,

*UGH* Bad Pizza!

*UGH* Bad Pizza!

had to have the worst pizza on the planet. Half cooked bread dough by the slice, smothered in a can of tomato sauce, dusted with cheap plastic cheese and embellished with pools of oily matter reflecting off its nebulous surface. I honestly thought you had to blot the grease off of pizza with a paper napkin before you eat it. Like you have to take lobster out of its shell: you have to blot your pizza.  If it happened to be upscale pizza you would get a few coins of hard red stuff described to me as “pepperoni”, dried out to the point that I’m convinced a dental office owned all the pizza joints in town because a cracked tooth was often inevitable. But they did float on the grease, like meaty little life rafts, so they were easy to pick off.
Zpizza Ward

Zpizza Ward

So when Zpizza opened up at Ward Center I was skeptical at best. Drove by it every day for months on my way to work.  Meh. Pizza. Well, along came a Tweetup and I was told they had salads, so I didn’t have to eat pizza. The resulting experience has changed my mind about pizza; at least Zpizza Pizza. Owner Karen brought out generous samples of fresh made, organic ingredient infused, little bits of Pizzaliciousness.

Zpizza is a franchise from California and Karen and Caesar took the plunge to open their first shop at Ward. Recently they opened a second one in Kailua, which makes it even easier for me to say “I’m too tired to cook dinner” (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) several times a week.

I have to admit I am hooked on the Pear Gorgonzola Rustica Pizza. To the point where I walk in the door, the staff knows what I want without me telling them. Should my first tattoo be a slice of the PGR? Perhaps…  Follow @zpizzahawaii, they will follow you back and interact with your tweets. And check out some Pizza Pics here!

A slice of Heaven: homemade Garlic Sauce, fresh Basil & Tomato

A slice of Heaven: homemade Garlic Sauce, fresh Basil & Tomato

Food Trucks. Roach Coaches. Yuck. Never having experienced anything from a truck growing up on the mainland other than the Good Humor Man and the Library Bookmobile, I was intrigued by all the Plate Lunch Wagons around town when I moved to Hawaii. And I swore all the trucks had to be owned by the same guy (not a Dentist) because the food was exactly the same no matter which truck I tried. Two scoops of dried out white rice with some sort of super salty, rawhide textured, sugar drenched Teriyaki sauce mystery meat or chicken and a scoop of mayonnaise flooded elbow noodles married to chopped up potato chunks known as Macaroni Salad. Or the omnipresent white rice, steam table hamburger patty and fried egg drenched in brown gravy known as “Loco Moco, which I was convinced was ancient Hawaiian for “Hockey Puck with Macaroni Salad”. Since then I have discovered really yummy Loco Moco, but that is another tale.

The Ono to Go Mobile

The Ono to Go Mobile, THE BEST FOOD TRUCK!!!

When all around entrepreneur Wedge Lee announced on Twitter he was starting a food truck  I was thinking “Sheesh, I gotta try it to be polite because Wedge is a Twitter pal and I need to support his new business…”

Lo and behold, Ono To Go has proved to serve up superb restaurant quality food on wheels, using the finest and freshest ingredients. The menu varies every day and they are open from 11 am to 2:30 pm. But get there long before 2:30, because their food is so Onolicious, when they run out, they run out!

Lemon Herb Shrimp Plate

Lemon Herb Shrimp Plate

Lemon Herb Shrimp, Pork Chops, Steak, Fish of the Day. All grilled up on premises and served with white or brown rice and THE WORLD’S BEST MAC SALAD!!! What did I say before about Mac Salad? This is in it’s own cosmic culinary league. Do not get between this girl and Ono to Go Mac Salad or you will experience the wrath of Bizzilla. And did I mention the fresh Poke? I’ve had some okay Poke. And some really not so okay Poke. You gotta try this okay dokey Poke! Not your average hokey Poke… Fresh Limu, Ahi, Kauai Sea Salt and Wedge’s secret magic spices make this another fave of mine. Take a peek at some grinds here!

Beyond the good food, Wedge makes sure you know the menu and where they are located via @onotogo on Twitter.

Other food trucks try and get the word out, but they are inconsistent at best, often saying they will be at some location and never showing up or moving someplace else and not letting any one know. Way to lose a client, you other food truck fools, you!

So that’s it. Turns out I do like Pizza if it’s Zpizza, and I will eat at a food truck if it’s Ono to Go. And you know what? I have yet to see a Good Humor truck or a Bookmobile since I’ve been in Hawaii. Hmm…Books and Ice Cream? Could be a new Food Truck Concept! “Read it and Eat”?

Happy Eating,



Tweeple just want to have fun at

Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club!

Tucked away on the fourth floor of the Royal Hawaiian Center in Waikiki is the gorgeous, high tech Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club. The Club was the place to be on a recent Wednesday lunch time Tweetup, as I held our first #ShootsHI firearms safety experience. I’m not Annie Oakley but I am an NRA Training Counselor for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun. Lots of Tweeple in Twitterville kept asking me when we were going to do a Shooting Tweetup so I contacted my buddies @ RHshootingclub and they said “Let’s do it!”.

On Target!

On Target!

Home, home on the range...

Home, home on the range...

Starting out with a Brown Bag Lunch and Safety Briefing, we then  moved on into the indoor range area of the Club. We had a mix of experienced shooters as well as newbies attend, and a good time was had by all!

The Club had a drawing for T shirts and a Thank You gift for each of the folks attending the Tweetup. We’ll be doing more of these as the response from Twitterville was “Hey, how come we weren’t invited?” Well, you were… you just have to keep checking Twtvite for the notice and RSVP.

Good shooting...Good times!

Good shooting...Good times!

We had some great photo shooting as well as pistol shooting from the Tweetup! Check out Royal Hawaiian Shooting Club’s Facebook. I handed my camera over to Nicholas Haigler, who’s the Marketing Guru for the Club and he took some great shots at, er,  of us! :) @madmarv did his usual great job with a photo set here !

A lady with a gun has more fun!

A lady with a gun has more fun!

@RickNakama did a couple of Qik Vids here , here and here … and why you place your trigger finger on the frame where I tell you too!

@ShilohSwanson put up some nice photos here .

@hawaii does some amazing shots from his iPhone!

And many thanks to @NctrnlBst for a nice write up and vid on Nonstop!

Oh, not to forget Mix It Up Hawaii! @ParkRat Pimpin’ and Peevin’ – Episode XXVIII !

Well, that’s about it from the first ShootzHI Tweetup! Check out the Shooting Club when you’re at Royal Hawaiian Center, it’s a great place to go with the family and learn some new skills in a comfortable environment. Air Conditioning, nice lounge area and a Starbuck’s downstairs… that’s my kind of shooting! Eh, a girl’s gotta have hobbies…Beading & Firearms, Whiskers on Kittens. These are a few of my favorite things!

Safe gun handling skills are taught first in the classroom before we go to live fire.

And let’s hear a Cheer for the All Stars of the Kukui High School Shooting Team!

Tweet y’all later,

The LC-130 is in town!

A look at the world’s BIGGEST Skimobile!

Recently I was privileged to attend the stopover at Hickam AFB of the LC-130, the cargo transport aircraft that flies mission critical equipment and personnel from the USA to Antarctica for Operation Deep Freeze. A huge, awesome, kick –it plane that has skis to land on ice, massive cargo space and additional rockets added to the exterior to help it take off in adverse conditions. A great follow up to my earlier visit as a guest of the 19th Fighter Squadron Realignment and Assumption of Command Ceremony.

The LC-130 headed for Antarctica

"The City of Albany" based out of Schenectady Airport

"The City of Albany" based out of Schenectady Airport

This miracle of avionic transportation happens to be based in the town I grew up in: Schenectady NY. The place I spent all my adult life trying to get away from since 1972 because I thought I was destined to make the big time. Outta here! Bright Lights, Big City! Here I come! Be careful where your heart leads you. Because sometimes you may not be ready for the memories it stirs up. Turns out I was just destined to be me.

We get older, we get wiser. I had no idea how important my small town upstate NY burg was to the history of our Military. And as I talked to the crew I realized that many of them were from the area.  Funny how life works, I had to move over 5,000 miles away to be proud of where I grew up.

And speaking of pride, the pride of the Operation Deep Freeze program is the LC-130 aircraft.

JATO brackets Photo coutrtesy Kyle Nishioka

JATO brackets Photo coutrtesy Kyle Nishioka

The prototype was developed in 1956 and designed with retractable skis that allow the aircraft to land on snow and ice as well as on traditional runways.  In addition to the skis, the plane has exterior mounted jet-assisted-takeoff rockets; four on each side of the aircraft. These are installed and ignited when shorter takeoff runs are needed or the plane is lifting off from rough, unprepared snow. The “JATO” rockets stay attached to the hull after they have done their liftoff assist. Originally designed to jettison away from the aircraft, they were re-designed to stay put until manually removed after several accidents.

Currently all LC-130 aircraft are operated by the New York Air National Guard 109th Airlift Wing based out of Schenectady Airport.  In 1988 the 109th became the flight division for the Navy’s support and logistics for “Operation Deep Freeze”, which had been operating since 1955.

We have some great pics of the LC-130 here by Kyle (@madmarv on Twitter) and my photoset here.

Operation Deep Freeze supports the National Science Foundation’s research and exploration located at McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica. I think of “Islands” like here in Hawaii. Sunshine, beaches, sand and surf. Not temps with lows of minus 50 degrees Centigrade and the highs at plus 8 degrees Centigrade. *BRRRRR*! And I complain when it get’s down in the 70’s here…

Ski bottoms are coated with Teflon for maximum slippiness!

Ski bottoms are coated with Teflon for maximum slippiness!

In addition to the National Science Foundation, Operation Deep Freeze agencies include the Federal Aviation Administration , National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration , National Aeronautics and Space Administration , US Geological Survey , the US Coast Guard , and others, including many international partners.

McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica

McMurdo Station on Ross Island, Antarctica

*WHEW* Who knew there was so much going on down there at the bottom of the Planet Earth? And even more exciting for Hawaii is that the 2010-2011 Operation Deep Freeze season is the first time in history that our own Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
is home to the Joint Task Force-Support Forces Antarctica, led by the 13th Air Force!

So, from here the LC-130 is headed for Christchurch New Zealand readying for it’s last leg to McMurdo Station. Then it’s off to the Big Chill for several months before returning home.

I was so excited about getting the chance to tour the LC-130, the following day I was chatting with a guy on Facebook who grew up in Schenectady and smugly told him about it… thinking no one else but MOI knew this cool fact! It turns out his company services the props for the jets… So much for MY big news :)

It really is a small rock we all live on: from Schenectady to Hawaii to Antarctica. We are all pretty close after all.

Take care,


Welcome to First CLass!

Welcome to First CLass!

The TRUE meaning of Nom-Nom is Chai’s!

Let’s go to Chai’s Island Bistro!

Today we are headed for Aloha Tower Marketplace for a Mix It Up Hawaii Tweetup at  Chai’s Island Bistro.Hosted by @NctrnlBst and @Melissa808, this series visits local business to learn about who they are and what they do and introducing people around the world to the things we love here in Hawaii!

The Marketplace was developed and the Tower was extensively renovated in 1994 and now serves as a main attraction for tourists and locals alike in downtown Honolulu.

Aloha Tower Welcomes you!

Chai's Island Bistro

Chai's Island Bistro

When the Tower first opened on September 11, 1926, after five years of construction, the seven-ton clock was one of the largest in the United States as well as the biggest in the Territory of Hawaii. At 10 stories and 184 feet tall topped with a 40 foot flag pole, for four decades the Aloha Tower was the tallest structure in Hawaii. Serving as a docking area for the Matson Oceanliners of the era, visitors arrived to the Hawaiian Islands in droves to experience the exotic locale as well as hundreds of thousands of immigrants coming to Honolulu to labor on the plantations.

Walking up to Chai’s  delightful locale you first see the outdoor dining patio and hear the distinct sounds of the waterfall…you KNOW you are in for a treat. The simply but elegantly appointed open dining room is bright and airy providing a perfect setting to showcase some of the finest food I have had here in Hawaii.@Chef_Chai joined us for a few minutes at the restaurant. We were excited to hear the good news that soon we can enjoy his food on @FlyHawaiian‘s  first class international flights! Makes me want to get up and go somewhere just to eat!

Starting off with a tempting array of pupus to get the usual cast of suspects salivating, our intrepid Twitterers had to get the cameras out. We all agree that posing pics of what we are eating is a phenomenon unique to Twitterville, but one that bonds us together as Twits 😛

So lets look at the always perfect shots by @PHOTOlulu and @rickyli99 with sets here and here respectively. These guys are good!

Let's eat!

Let's eat!

@RickNakama is going for the minimalist approach w/ a shot of Ed’s homemade Ohia Blossom honey Waialua chocolate and peanut butter fudge.

@johngarcia was one of the smart ones, he was to busy eating to take a lot of pics!

@hnlmark was another smart guy focusing on the Duck Carpaccio Lotus Salad!

One of the fun things about our Tweetups is it’s always great to meet new twitter pals

@dseohonolulu who is one of the founders of @ nonstophonolulu and @burajiru who was visiting from the mainland and found us! Lucky guy, he’s one of us now! And a spiffy photo set from him as well!


Some new unbearable Twitter friends!

Some new unbearable Twitter friends!

And Moi?  ( @biznaz ) I was clicking away trying to get some pics before the nom-nomming commenced!

Ok, gotta dig in on all this luscious food.  Thank You Chef Chai!



Gotta go, my ride's here!

Gotta go, my ride's here!

Foraging in Waikiki in search of Loco Moco

Hey Kids! Go inside and eat!

One of the things we like to do best in Hawaii is eat. A gathering of friends and family, a celebration, a contest… we can find some excuse to go for “Da Ono Kine Grinds”!

A group of Twitterers have banded together, lead by the formidable organizational skills of @HawaiiIRL and @WaikikiBeachwlk, to undertake the daunting task of finding the best Loco Moco in Waikiki.

My Waikiki, Lucky we live Hawaii!

Hula Grill view in Waikiki. Lucky we live Hawaii!

Jimmy Buffert's Loco MocoJimmy Buffet’s Loco Moco

What is “Loco Moco” you ask? A favorite local dish that originated in Hilo on the Big Island after World War II, it consists of a heap of white rice topped with a hamburger patty and a Sunnyside-up egg, and then smothered in gravy. Down Home Regional comfort food is found all over in every country on earth. Think Chicken Fried Steak, Matzo Ball Soup, Mac & Cheese… we all have our favorites we turn to.

Some friends of mine on the Mainland think it sounds disgusting. But break the egg first then blend the burger, egg, rice, and gravy at each bite and you will know the true meaning of why people don’t care about clogged arteries.

Traditionally this has not been a high-end entrée in finer dining establishments, but rather a quick “Local Style Plate Lunch” often served out of the back of a food wagon as well as whipped up in Auntie’s kitchen for a quick breakfast, lunch or dinner. Recently some designer versions are coming on the scene featuring sirloin steak, Wagyu Beef and other better cuts of meat, good rice and eloquent styles of gravy. I have to admit that I had one Loco Moco years ago when I first came to Hawaii and thought I’d rather eat smothered shoe leather…it was NASTY! So it was with some trepidation I agreed to start on the path to Cholesterol Nirvana in Waikiki. And I’m happy to say I like the Loco Mocos I’ve tried so far; in fact each one gets better!

Plus I am getting a chance to explore really great places to eat I have previously sniffed at, turned my nose up and declared “Hmph! Tourist Trap!” I find myself now eating my words along with really superb food…

So lets cruise to some Waikiki eateries and see what’s “Fo Grindz, Brah!”

We start our adventure at Jimmy Buffet’s at the Beachcomber Hawaii. Located along the main drag of Kalakaua Ave., this funky interior design is not where you would hold an elegant candlelit dinner for two, but you are guaranteed a great time and awesome food at a reasonable price.

Here are some shots from some of the Twitteratzzi in attendance:

@PHOTOluluTV always takes great photos!

My friend @tweetpea has a great Loco Moco Pic here.

Our Pal @HawaiiIRL (one of the evil geniuses behind this “Thang”) has photos galore!

And me @biznaz rounding up with my contribution.

Our next stop was the big kick-off event held at the Cheeseburger Beach Walk . This was the “get ready to rumble” competition where some local celeb contestants rose to the challenge of who could eat the most Loco Moco while blindfolded! Hilarity ensued…as well as some yummy snacks for us cheerleaders!

Check out @c_chan808 whose got a great photoset here.

@HawaiiIRL has to be a ninja, doing videos and great pics.

Once again, @PHOTOluluTV is on top of the edibles with these pics!

Loco Moco Challenge

Loco Moco Challenge

And winning the prize for the poorest photos via the HTC G1 Phone: MOI! All those poor people that have to use the blur tool in Photoshop…I’m a contendah! (Cue “Rocky” theme song here)

Hula Grill brings it ON!

Hula Grill brings it ON!

*WHEW*  I’m getting full! But it is my duty as a sworn sleuth on the path to Loco Moco Enlightenment that I press on to our third (but not final!) destination: Outrigger Reef Hotel’s Hula Grill. The Grill is also an avid Twitterrer so be sure to follow them @hulagrillwaiks.I was pleasantly surprised entering the restaurant; I had never been there before and was expecting the younger crowd rowdiness of their downstairs neighbor. What a great space up above Waikiki Beach, filled with beautiful Hawaiian antique furnishings and old school Waikiki memorabilia!
So here are sets from @PHOTOluluTV online here, And mine are here.  I also put up some vids on my Neighbor Hood Crusin’ section of this blog. You will see why I am in Real Estate and not a professional videographer…

Well, I’m stuffed! Need to take some time off to digest all this great food and soak up the fun atmosphere of the restaurants I’ve visited so far. But the quest isn’t over yet! We still have more places to seek out the Holy Grail of Loco Moco over the next few weeks. I’ll be sure to keep y’all up to date.

So, no matter where you live, get out there and find some local home grown favorite dishes that you may normally not even think about tasting, you may be pleasantly surprised! And in the process find some new locales to eat at that you had not tried before. Let’s hear it for Loco Moco!



Marketing your Property: Is your Agent a Dinosaur?

How is your Agent Marketing your Property?

I’m going to chat today about marketing your property Mr. & Mrs. Seller. Of course the most important number one thing is to price it to generate offers in today’s market.

The second most important thing is to consider what exposure your agent will give your property.

(Here is where I am going to get BLASTED by some “traditional agents”…)


Of course everybody needs a yard sign presence on the property. Am I going to send out postcards to your neighbors? Nope. I will get on the phone and call them telling them we have a home on the market in their neighborhood and ask them who do they know that might want to move in? A nice personal conversation is better than an anonymous postcard that usually gets thrown in the trash.

I will also get on the phone and call agents who have registered that they are interested in your property through a program in the local Multiple Listing Service called ”Reverse Prospecting”. The agent specifies they are interested in; say a 3 bedroom, 2 bath Condo in Downtown. When I have a listing that meets their criteria the agent’s name pops up and I get on the phone. Do most agents do this? Nope. I even have called agents who are listed in my reverse prospecting that deny they are in there…

Am I going to hold open houses? Not unless the seller absolutely insists on in. Statistically Open Houses don’t sell homes; they are traditionally used by listing agents to find buyers that aren’t represented. I will do a Broker’s Open for the trade, and will show by appointment only. Would you want someone you don’t know cruising through your home possibly casing the joint to rob you? And you DO only want qualified buyers who are ready, willing and able to purchase your home don’t you?

Am I going to pull newspaper ads about the property? Nope. I will market heavily online to give my listing international exposure, as that is where 87% of buyers look first.

Internet users
• 1.73 billion – Internet users worldwide (September 2009).
• 18% – Increase in Internet users since the previous year.
• 738,257,230 – Internet users in Asia.
• 418,029,796 – Internet users in Europe.
• 252,908,000 – Internet users in North America.
• 179,031,479 – Internet users in Latin America / Caribbean.
• 67,371,700 – Internet users in Africa.
• 57,425,046 – Internet users in the Middle East.
• 20,970,490 – Internet users in Oceania / Australia.

That is a lot more eyeballs of potential buyers than a once a week three line ad buried in the Sunday Real Estate section of the local paper. My feed goes out to dozens of Real Estate web sites online including Coldwellbanker.com, Trulia, Zillow and many more. Among other additional websites I also post to Craigslist as allowed by their terms of use; this cannot be posted every day. Usually 48 hours apart, but sometimes Craigslist holds off for three days between postings.
I feature your home in my newsletter and of course this blog The Hawaii Real Estate Biz
as well as present it in person to the numerous networking functions I attend each month. These networking functions are one of the few venues I will use print media in: nobody leaves with out a full page, four color presentation piece highlighting your property!

What is Social Media?

“350 million – People on Facebook

Every time you turn around you hear the term “Social Media” these days. What is Social Media? It is the next generation of how people use the Internet to convey information and communicate. It’s an interactive “give & take” form of communication. People post content and others comment and respond to the posts. Think it’s just kids playing online? Think again: A full 25% of the users on these sites are aged 35 to 44, which in other words is the age group that dominates the social media sphere. Only 3% are aged 65 or older. Do people 35 to 44 buy homes? You Betcha!

Social media:
• 126 million – The number of blogs on the Internet (as tracked by BlogPulse).
• 84% – Percent of social network sites with more women than men.
• 27.3 million – Number of tweets on Twitter per day (November, 2009)
• 57% – Percentage of Twitter’s user base located in the United States.
• 350 million – People on Facebook.
• 50% – Percentage of Facebook users that log in every day.
• 500,000 – The number of active Facebook applications.

“Twiiter is not for Twits!

Twiiter is not for Twits!

A few observations:
The average social network user is 37 years old.
LinkedIn, with its business focus, has a predictably high average user age; 44.
• The average Twitter user is 39 years old.
• The average Facebook user is 38 years old.
• The average MySpace user is 31 years old.
Bebo has by far the youngest users, as witnessed earlier, with an average age of 28.

BUT! (And I have a big Butt!) Real estate sales, no matter where the warm bodies are generated, is and will always be an in-person service business. Pro-active is getting out there in person, networking, calling and meeting people: talking it up! Re-active is printing a few flyers, mailing postcards and praying to the Real Estate Gods that the phone will ring or somebody will walk into the office by chance.

So Mr. and Mrs. Seller, do you think it is important in this day and age to hire an agent that has a command of these Internet tools to market your home? As well as being a pro-active agent and getting out there in person and on the phone to promote your home? Or do you want one that is going to just send out postcards and “Hope” somebody will buy your property?

Aloha from the Hawaii Real Estate Biz!

Internet Usage Statistics courtesy of Pingdom

The Power of Twitter!

On Friday Night December 26th at 6:45 PM I was sitting on my Lanai (Porch) Watching a spectacular lightning storm dance up the Kooalau Mountain range when the power went out. Not just a little bit out, the whole valley below me was dark. All of Kaneohe!  Cable was down too! No Food Network Iorn Chef!!!

I do have some serious APC Back Up Batteries, but didn’t want to use them up… who knows how long this was going to last? So I fired up my emergency lights and cell phone and got online to Twitter via my T-Mobile Dash Smartphone.

Twitter, for those of you who may not be familiar with it, is a social networking site where you can post short messages called Tweets. People follow your tweets and you can follow theirs. So instantly I was in contact with people all over the island and able to find out the extent of the power outage.

The whole Island of Oahu was in the dark. I Tweeted back and forth to find traffic lights were down, people were stuck in elevators and in many areas there was no water! The airport was dark, flights were being cancelled, travelers stranded. Tourists swarmed out of their darkened hotels in Waikiki to fill the streets inquiring what was going on! Twitpics (Pictures posted to Twitter) showed the extent of the mess island wide.

So it happened that our illustrious Mayor Mufi  Hanneman’s first order of business was to deliver emergency generators to the 9 million dollar beach front estate on the windward town of Kailua where Barack Obama and his family were vacationing. Uh, Mufi? I pay your salary: can you decide your first order of business is the safety and disseminating information about the situation to your constituents?  Guess not. Three generators had already been installed in the vacation home and HECO set up another generator in the neighborhood in case it was needed. But what about MY refrigerator? MY needs? MY warming beer?

By now my fellow Twitterers were on the ball and furiously Tweeting back and forth. We all found out that that Hawaiian Electric thought a lightning strike was responsible or maybe not. We kept tabs on each other throughout the night. By morning some areas had power back on, mostly those closest to the Generating Stations on the leeward side of the island. The only area on the windward side of the island to have power back on Saturday morning was Kailua. (See above ref: Guess who was staying in Kailua?)

My power came back on at 12:45 PM on Saturday, approximately 18 hours after shutting down. Right when my power came back on I saw a huge oily plume of smoke rise up out of the valley . A major fire had erupted close to the Kaneohe Power Plant!  I was able to snap it on my phone and Twitpic it: who had any more information? Was everybody safe? Was the power going down again?

Today I’m thankful I live in a safe neighborhood, neighbors are good people. Realized I should have had an extra case of bottled water, kept my old propane BBQ and bought more emergency lights and batteries. So I will put those things on my shopping list in case the next time around I’m in the dark longer. As of today, Sunday afternoon, there are still some areas of Oahu without power . Water is to be conserved island wide. And Twitter is not to be dismissed lightly as a toy, as some will say. It kept our whole community connected and informed when the traditional airwaves and media could not.

Twitter is my friend.